Author: Neville Goddard

“I AM” — That’s God’s Name Forever and Ever

Tonight when you go to bed just say: “I am.”

Add any condition you want to that I am and believe it.

Speak to your imagination as though you are speaking to the God who created the universe and sustains it, for you are. When you imagine something ask yourself who is imagining it, and you will say: “I am.” That’s God’s name forever and ever.

Imagine and fall asleep imagining. Believe that all things are possible to your own wonderful human I AMness.

Test yourself!

You don’t need to get down on your knees and pray to anyone on the outside. There is no need to cross yourself before any icon, for the Lord is your human imagination, your consciousness, your own wonderful I AMness.

— Neville Goddard (The First Principle, 1969)

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Simply Catch the Feeling That You Have It

Do you know what you want? I will tell you a simple way to get it.

Simply catch the feeling that you have it and sustain that feeling. Persist in acknowledging the joy of fulfillment. In your imagination tell your friends your good news. Hear their congratulations, then allow him who heard your friends and felt your joy of fulfillment, bring it into your world, for he who can do all these things is within you as your own wonderful I AMness, your Imagination, your consciousness. That is God.

Test God, for he will not fail you. Then, when he proves himself in performance, tell a friend, and continue telling others as you exercise this law. And walk knowing all the other I am statements are yours. Prove this in the world of shadows and you will prove the other in the world of reality.

Your I AMness is the true eternal reality. Living in a world of shadows, as you declare your I AMness you are declaring eternal truth. When you say, “I am the resurrection,” that is eternal truth. “I am the life” is eternal truth, as well as “I am the way.” All of these bold certainties preceded with the “I am” are eternal truths.

— Neville Goddard (The First Principle, 1969)

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Be Still and Know That You Are God

So tonight I want to talk to you about the first principle, which you can always fall back on when in doubt.

This first principle is: “Be still and know that I am God.”

No matter what happens turn within and be still. Know that your awareness is God and that all things are possible to you.

Test yourself and you will prove this statement in the testing; then you will be free from your former limitations of belief.

No matter what is happening on the outside turn to the first principle.

Start by being still, then claiming: “I am God.”

Ask yourself: “Is this true?”

You will never know the truth until you test it.

— Neville Goddard (The First Principle, 1969)

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When You Know It, Not a Thing Can Disturb Your Knowingness

I do know that God’s law reflects all the way down to this world of Caesar. I do not know how long it takes for each egg to hatch in a nest, but I do know each one will hatch in its own time.

And so it is with an assumption.

If I desire to be wealthy, I may not know how long it will take me to reach the conviction that I possess great wealth, but when I feel wealth is mine I have conceived. Conception is my end.

The length of time between my desire and its conception depends entirely upon my inner conviction that it is done. A horse takes twelve months, a cow nine months, a chicken twenty-one days, so there are intervals of time; but it comes down to the simple fact that the truth concerning every concept is known by the feeling of its certainty.

When you know it, not a thing can disturb your knowingness!

— Neville Goddard (An Inner Conviction, 1968)

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