What is the difference between a beginner creator and a master creator?

In this lesson, I’m going to share with you the most common mistakes I see in the manifestation community.

These are often mistakes perception, not action. It’s the way that this person is thinking about reality creation that’s holding them back.

This is the person that’s may have read all the books, they’re very eager to create using the power of their mind, but they have a few misconceptions about how things work.

In this lesson, we’re going to breakdown those misconceptions.

As I go through this list, notice if any of these apply to you.

Here are 7 common mistakes of the beginner manifestor:

1. Using a Hammer to Build a Mansion

Mistake #1: Only using one tool, i.e. outsourcing all your knowledge to one teacher or one book.

This is very limiting, and I see this all the time.

For some people, it’s Neville. They just read Neville Goddard, and they refuse to pick up any other of the thousands of incredible books out there on the power of the mind. Or they just read Abraham-Hicks and they try to conform their whole life to what Abraham is teaching them.

This is a little like trying to build a house with just a hammer. Just one tool. Now a hammer is a great tool. Can do a lot of things. Can you build a house just using a hammer? Probably. But it would be very inefficient.

Start thinking of yourself as someone who has a variety of tools, for all sorts of different situations. Not just one tool. Not just one teacher or one method. Stay open-minded that there may be tools out there that have nothing to do with Neville or the Law of Assumption, but that will serve you beautifully and really help you in life.

I feel like so many times people are trying to box themselves into one specific method, and then they get frustrated that they can’t use a hammer to solve all their challenges in life. Life is very varied, very multifaceted, very nuanced. It’s not meant to be hammered away with one tool. Ok, cool I learned the Law of Assumption, now I know how to master the Universe. You realize that’s not how that works right. There’s got to be a part of you that realizes that. And if you feel resistance to what I’m saying here, I invite you to look at where that resistance is coming from. What are you hoping the Law will do for you? What is the magic that you’re seeking?

The Law is wonderful. Neville’s teachings are incredible. But don’t box yourself in to one modality, one religion of thought, one way of going about things. Stay open minded. Stay flowy. That’s like learning to walk and saying “I don’t need to learn how to run, I already know the most efficient way, I can walk everywhere. I don’t need to know how to dance, that doesn’t serve any useful purpose at all. I’m just gonna stick to walking.”

Life is far more grand and beautiful than we can imagine — stay open minded to the new and the unexplored.

2. Outsourcing Your Authority

Mistake #2: Outsourcing your common sense and logic to an outside authority

What this means is you’re always looking for the answers outside of you. You’re looking for someone to give you a quote from Neville that will prove that something is real, you’re looking on Reddit for someone else’s experience to prove to you something is possible.

This is the opposite of being a powerful creator. A powerful creator creates. They don’t go around seeking proof or validation or evidence. They just pick up their tools and get to work. They test the Law for themselves. They apply it. They take action on it. They don’t sit around waiting for someone to tell them something is possible.

One of the biggest traps I see in the manifestation community is the “Is it possible?” trap. I get messages from people asking “Is it possible for me to manifest this person?”

One person asked me “Is it possible to bring someone back from the dead?”

Well… regardless of whether I think it’s possible, or not, why don’t you try it?

Try using the Law to do it, and see what happens. Either you’ll accomplish your goal or you’ll fail, and then you’ll know.

Just try it.

Why are you asking me? What do you think will happen if somehow I said to you “Yes, it’s 100% possible, you can absolutely manifest someone back from the dead.”

Oh, so now you’re going to do the work? Now that some outside authority who you don’t know at all has told you it’s possible, now you’re going to apply the Law?

Or imagine I say “No, it’s not possible” — you’re going to let someone else dictate to you what’s possible for you?

This is the opposite of being a powerful creator. A powerful creator doesn’t wait around asking for permission of whether something’s possible or not. They just go out and do it. They try it. They get up, they fall down, they fail, they try it, and they find out for sure, for themselves, what they’re capable of.

If you go to Nepal and you find some yogi in the mountains, you might be able to find someone who has incredible magical powers. So it’s possible for the yogi. Does it mean it’s possible for you? Maybe? Maybe not. It’s completely your decision.

Think of any famous person that you admire or that you respect the work they’ve put in. Think of your favorite singer. Can you imagine that person asking someone else “Hey, do you think it’s possible for me to have a wildly successful music career?”

Or do you think THEY decided “I’m going to have succeed in my music career, because I am that person.” And then they went out and made it possible for THEM.

So don’t fall into this trap. Don’t ever ask someone is this possible? Only you know what’s possible for you, so get to work, try the Law out, and see what happens.

3. Honesty is the Cure

Mistake #3: Not being honest with yourself. Manifesting a surface level desire instead of the “essence” of your desire.

I met someone recently who wants to manifest a big lottery win. They also want to manifest moving overseas once they win the lottery.

I said, ok, why the lottery win? Why don’t you just manifest wealth, in whatever form it comes?

Also, why wait for the lottery win to move overseas? Why not manifest the perfect opportunity, all expenses paid, to move overseas? There’s a million and one opportunities that will allow you to move overseas now instead waiting for a lottery win.

They replied with “No, I want it this way. I specifically want the lottery win. And once I have that, I’ll move overseas.”

This is someone who has not taken the time to understand the essence of their desire. Anyone who wants to win the lottery doesn’t really understand wealth or abundance.

Because if you just stop and think for a moment, and take your ego down a notch, and get honest with yourself, it becomes very obvious that what you really want is not a lottery win. What you want is to have enough money to do what you want to do.

That’s very very very different than a lottery win.

What you want is to have an abundance of resources, an abundance of money flowing through your life. Why in the world would you limit yourself to just manifesting it in one specific way, when the Universe can deliver money to you through a million different channels?

This is someone who has not gotten honest themselves. They’ve not examined why they want they want. And it’s painfully obvious to everyone around them that this person who wants the lottery win isn’t ready for true wealth. Because a truly wealthy person isn’t thinking about the lottery, I promise you. A true millionaire or billionaire is not thinking “I need to manifest the lottery to keep my abundance.”

So getting honest with yourself. This also applies to the SP crowd, those that want to manifest a specific person. I need this person, to love me. Come on. You’re not being honest with yourself. What you have here is a very severe attachment and scarcity mindset around one specific person.

If you truly got honest with yourself, and you said “You know, what I really want is to be loved. And to have a stable, caring partner.” That intention is very different than “I need this specific person.”

So people are not honest themselves, they’re not examining why they want what they want, and they’re chasing things that have nothing to do with their life. This person that wants the lottery win so they can move overseas… it’s the equivalent of saying “I’m going to fly from New York to Paris, 7 hour non stop flight, to pick up a fresh croissant, and then I’m going to fly back. Because I want a croissant.”

I think there’s a more efficient way of manifesting a freshly baked croissant that will fulfill your tastebuds.

Don’t overengineer your desires. If you want wealth, focus on wealth and abundance. Not on lottery wins and getting some mysterious inheritance from some long-lost relative. Maybe it will come that way, but that’s not your focus. Your focus is on embodying the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings of a wealthy person. Which is very very different than asking the Universe for a random set of numbers that will grant you access to a lump sum of money.

Get honest with yourself.

4. Aborting the Creation Process

Mistake #4: Aborting the process of creation over a minor setback.

Manifesting is a long-term game. There’s a lot of moving pieces, and the journey is not often a straight line. Neville calls this the bridge of incidents — if you’re looking for a new career, be prepared that on your way to manifesting a new career, you might get fired from your current position.

How you react to that event is everything. If you react to it as “Ok, good, that must be what needed to happen to move me forward, I’m going to continue in the direction of my vision”, you’re golden.

If you react to it as if it’s a major setback, and you freak out, you’re now in the process of aborting your manifestation. You’re losing faith in the long term vision by focusing on a short-term setback.

Think of it like this — you’re cooking pasta, and you’re slicing some tomatoes, and you get a minor cut on your hand. If you suddenly freak out over it, and you say “That’s it! This is b.s. I’m not cooking anymore” and you throw everything out. Well, no pasta for dinner.

But if you go “Oh, ok. I cut myself a little bit. That’s ok. Let me put a bandage on this, and we keep going.” Now you’re on your way to a delicious pasta dinner.

Setbacks happen in life… all the time. It’s normal. It’s like turbulence on a plane. It gets a little bit windy sometimes, and you ride it out. You don’t panic. You don’t freak out. You don’t turn the plane around and say “Well, we gotta fly another day because this is too windy!”.

You assess the situation, you take whatever action is necessary in the moment to stay centered, and you keep going towards your destination.

Like a ship at sea, encountering a storm, you don’t let the storm sway you, you check your compass and you keep going in the direction of your destination.

5. Semantics, schemantics…

Mistake #5: You get caught up in the semantics.

I see this all the time in the manifestation community. People arguing over Law of Assumption vs Law of Attraction. People arguing over different methods. People arguing about what’s possible (see the previous point I made on that.)

This is classic beginner’s mistake. Masters don’t argue over semantics. They learn to see beyond the language and the words, and they learn to see the essence, the Universal Truth, behind each modality and principle.

Who cares if it’s Law of Attraction or Law of Assumption? The real question is: is it bringing you results?

And if you’re still stuck arguing over semantics, and definitions, and what did this quote by this person who wrote it 100 years ago — you are wasting your time, my friend.

Read everything you can, learn everything you can, and start applying it to YOUR life, as soon as you can. Stop looking for confirmation, evidence, proof, definitions… there’s a million and one ways to slice a tomato. So every time you see a different teacher teaching manifestation, that’s all that’s happening. Same Law, different words, different semantics. It’s ok.

Learn from it from you can. Or if you don’t resonate with it, pick a different teacher. What matters is how YOU apply it, to your life.

6. Seeking the Real Prize

Mistake #6: You’re not in it for the long haul.

A lot of people are using manifestation in quick short-term bursts. I need this, I’m going to manifest it. When I need the next thing, I’m going to manifest that.

The master plays a long-term game. They recognize that desires will come and go, and there will be always be new shiny things you want to manifest.

The real power comes from working on your mind directly, over many many years. The real prize of manifestation is mastering your mind, mastering your self-concept, mastering your ability to think and feel what you want.

The greats go after the intangibles. They’re not trying to manifesting mansions or Lamborghini’s. They’re going after the big ones: manifesting spiritual peace, spiritual understanding, deeper connection with the Divine, deeper understanding oneself.

The master recognizes that by working on the intangibles, the tangibles become easy. By working on the deep deep work of looking at oneself and upleveling oneself spiritually, the 3D manifestations sort of take care of themselves.

So start to see manifestation as a long-term game of mastering your mind. The shiny objects are good, you’ll get them, but tune into the real reason you were given this information. It wasn’t to manifest a mansion, I don’t think. I think there’s far more spiritual reasons for this, which is to work on yourself, work on your mind, work on your soul.

7. Courage

Mistake #7: You’re trying to manifest your way out of having to be courageous.

This is a big one!

Let me give you an example:

Jack and Jill both want to become actors.

Jill is going to auditions as much as she can, she’s doing training at an acting academy, she’s putting herself out there, she’s getting as much time on stage as she can, practicing her craft. She holds the vision of being an incredible actress, and she’s doing everything in her power to manifest that, including taking all the natural action steps that would go along with her vision.

Jack is sitting at home. He wants to become an actor, but he’s terrified of getting of being seen. He’s never been on stage. He’s never taken an acting class in his life. He doesn’t even have professional headshots. But he knows about manifestation. So he has an idea: I’m going to manifest myself being discovered on the streets of New York. An agent is going to see me, they’re going to see something in me, and they’re going to cast me in the next great movie.

Who would you bet on manifesting their dream acting career? Jack or Jill?

Now, here’s the kicker — why is Jill more likely to attain her dream? It’s not the action itself, although that is a part of it.

It’s actually the fact that Jill is willing to be courageous. It’s scary to get up on stage. It’s scary to go to auditions and be rejected over and over and over again. But Jill is willing to face her fears. She may still use manifestation techniques to hold the vision of who she wants to become, but she’s not using manifestation to get out of the scary bits.

Jack is scared shitless. He’s scared to be seen, he’s scared be on stage, he’s scared to try something and fail. And he’s using manifestation as a way to get out of doing all the scary things.

Manifestation works, but it will not work if you try to use it to bypass your fears.

Courage is an essential part of the puzzle. The Universe will meet you halfway. It’ll give the opportunities, the auditions, the agent, everything you need to become the great actor you want to be. But at the end of the day, you will still have to make the jump and leap into the unknown and show up on stage, with courage.

The Universe will meet you halfway, but you have got to make the jump.

And this applies to everything, not just acting. The person that wants to manifest the lottery — they’re trying to bypass their fears. They may have a fear of running a business, they may have a fear of taxes, they may have a fear of selling. So they tell themselves: It’s ok, I’m just going to manifest a lottery win. That way I don’t have to deal with business, customers, selling, taxes, I don’t have to grow as a person. I’m just going to manifest a lump sum of money dropping into my lap.

From what I’ve seen, the Universe does not reward that kind of thinking. It loves to meet you halfway, but it will not take away the gift of courage, the gift of facing your fears, from you.

So use manifestation, by all means. But remember, courage is required to bring you to that final final step. Courage is required for you to become the NEW person that you will be on the other side of your manifestation.

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